Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summer Picnic

Before Christmas rolls around, we thought it would be a great idea to get everyone together for a picnic. Seeing as the last few dinners have filled up very quickly, and people have missed out on attending, a picnic allows for a larger group to enjoy Gastronauts goodness. So the first ever Gastronauts summer picnic will be taking place on Saturday 10 December.

The general idea is for everyone to bring a plate to share, bring a few drinks and enjoy delicious food all afternoon. It will be a great way for everyone to meet all the Gastronauts, as we generally only get to see a few of you at each dinner.  Even if you've never been to a Gastronauts dinner, please come along for the afternoon -we're all very friendly.

The picnic will be at New Farm Park, starting at 3pm.  While we will attempt to have a BBQ nearby, there will be limited cooking facilities, so pre-prepared plates are going to be best.

Hope you can all make it & see you at the picnic!

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