Thursday, January 3, 2013

Next dinner - South America!

Thanks to all who came to the last dinner - we had a terrific crowd. It was great to have a few new Gastronauts attend, and there was enough food to feed an army...

We tried our best to squeeze in another dinner before Christmas, but the silly season got the better of us.

Not to worry, because it didn't get the better of us for long, and our next dinner will be on Saturday 19 January 2013. This time we'll be taking your tastebuds on a tour of South America.

Our menu is still being tweaked, but will be something along these lines, full of delicious South American treats:

Pisco Sour & Empanadas

Quinoa Soup

Steak with Peruvian Potato, Chimichurri, salad & Sopa Paraguaya\

A delicious Dulce de Leche treat for dessert

Our hosts for the night have just been to South America and can't wait to share a night of great food with you.

If you are interested in attending, you'll need to get in quick - as usual seats are very limited.  Hope to see you at a Gastronauts dinner soon!

(The picture is a pisco sour jelly shot from Pisco Trail - you can find the recipe here)

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